Using End of Day

The End of Day feature allows you to close multiple tables and clock out any remaining users in a single streamlined process. This can help speed up closing for managers and reduce discrepancies in reports.

For End of Day to appear in the Extra menu, ensure that the option is enabled in the User Roles. See Assigning user roles

  1. On the Tables screen in Restaurant POS, tap Extra.

  2. Tap End of Day. The End of Day screen appears.

  3. For individual open tables or tabs, tap Close. Finalize the receipt.

    If you don't want to close any tables or tabs, tap Skip > Confirm. You can always come back to the Tables to Close tab later.

  4. Once all tables are closed, the Users to clock out tab will open. Tap Clock out all users.

    If you don't want to clock out all users, tap Skip.

  5. Tap Yes to confirm.
  6. You can now: 
    • Print a report by tapping Print Day Report.
    • Clock yourself out by tapping Clock out. Tap Yes to confirm.
    • Tap Done to return to the Tables screen.


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