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Setting up customer accounts

Use customer accounts in Restaurant POS for customers who want to keep an amount owing over several visits. With customer accounts, your regular customers can have ongoing tabs and make lump-sum payments periodically.

To access the Customers screen, tap Customers in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.


To work with customer accounts, create the following payment types in Restaurant Manager. See Adding a payment type for more information.

Add Credit

Add monetary credit to a customer's account to be used for future payments.

See Adding customer credit.

Use Credit

Use existing credit on a customer's account on a payment. 

See Paying with customer credit.

Put on Tab

Charge payments to a customer's account if they don't have existing credit. This effectively acts as an IOU from the customer.

See Charging a payment to a customer tab

Tab Paid

Process a tab payment from the customer for their account balance.

See Paying a customer tab.


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