Creating payment methods

Before taking payments in Restaurant POS, create your payment methods in Restaurant Manager.

Creating a new payment method

  1. In Restaurant Manager, on the Payments screen click the Payments tab.
  2. Click Add Payment.
  3. Specify the settings and click OK.
  4. Settings
    • Name: payment name to display in reports
    • Description

    Type: payment type such as cash, credit card, or check

    For iZettle payments, you must log into your iZettle account in to process payments using iZettle. See Using iZettle payment processing.

    To process payments in Restaurant POS with Worldline, see Using Worldline payment processing.

    • Color: color for payment button in the payment screen
    • Auto close: if enabled, the table will close automatically when payment is made

Organizing the payment methods

To rearrange your payment buttons, choose Enable sorting and move the payment method to its new location. To add spaces and new lines click Add Spacing and Add New Line.

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