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Adding a payment type

Before taking payments in Restaurant POS, create payment types in Restaurant Manager. Integrated payment processors such as Moneris or Cayan require a dedicated payment type. To learn how to set up your payment processor see About payment processing.

Adding a new payment type

  1. In Restaurant Manager, click Payments.
  2. Click Add Payment.
  3. Specify the settings and click OK.


NAME Payment name that will display in Restaurant POS and reports.
DESCRIPTION A description of the payment type. Note that this will only appear in Restaurant Manager.

Determines the payment type's function in Restaurant POS. The available payment types depend on your region. Here are some examples:

COLOR Color for payment button in Restaurant POS.
AUTO FINALIZE If enabled, the receipt will finalize once the payment is successfully processed.
AUTO PRINT If enabled, a receipt will automatically print when you tap this payment type in Restaurant POS.


Payment types in Quick Service mode

While Quick Service mode is enabled, the order of payment buttons on the POS Order screen are Cash, Card, and More (by default). If you prefer, you can also apply a custom name for the Cash or Card buttons by creating or editing these payment types in Restaurant Manager. Make sure these payment buttons are displayed first (top left) on the Restaurant Manager > Payment Type page so that they also appear first on the POS Order screen. If you need to move the payment button positions, simply toggle on Enable sorting and press and hold the payment type as you move it across the screen.

For more information on using Quick Service mode, see About Quick Service mode.


Organizing payment types

To rearrange how your payment buttons will appear in Restaurant POS, select Enable sorting and move the payment method to its new location. To add spaces and line breaks, select Add Spacing or Add New Line.

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