Paying with customer credit

If a customer has existing credit on their account, you can process a payment in Restaurant POS using the customer's credit.

NOTE: In order to pay for orders with customer credit you need to create a Pay with Credit payment type in Restaurant Manager. See Creating payment methods.  

  1. In Restaurant POS, open the Payment screen for an active order. See Basic ordering on a iPad
  2. Make sure the customer is assigned to the order. See Assigning a customer to an order.
  3. Tap the Use Credit payment type. 
  4. In the Pay with Credit popup, the maximum amount of available credit that can be used for the payment is automatically shown. Tap OK or Full to charge this amount to the customer account or specify another amount then tap OK.
  5. If there’s an outstanding balance for the order, select another payment method and continue as usual. See Taking payments and tips
  6. Tap Finalize to close the order. 


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