Taking payments and tips

Create payment methods in Restaurant Manager to process different types of payments for an order in Restaurant POS.

NOTE: If you want to process multiple credits cards for a single receipt and the Allow multiple credit card payments per receipt device settings is not enabled, you have to split the bill before processing the payments. 


  1. On the Order screen in Restaurant POS, tap the Pay icon.


  2. If there are multiple receipts (see Splitting a Bill), tap the receipt you want to process the payment for.

  3. Tap the desired payment method for the options at the bottom.

  4. Enter the payment amount given by the customer.

    If the payment amount exceeds the receipt total:

    • Credit card payments: You’re prompted whether or not to set the overcharged amount as a tip. If you choose not to set the overcharge as a tip, the receipt will have a negative total.

    • Non-credit card payments: The overcharged amount results in a negative receipt total, indicating change to be given.
  5. To add a tip, tap Add Tip under the order items.

  6. Enter the tip amount and then tap OK.

  7. When the payment is complete, you can either: 

    • Repeat this procedure to process a payment for another receipt on the order.
    • Tap Finalize to close the order and return to the Table screen.
    • Tap Close to return to the Order screen to continue ordering on the order.

Tip Handling with Credit Cards: 

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