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Voiding a finalized receipt

If a receipt has been finalized with tax applied, and a VAT (BTW) ticket has been generated and printed, you can refund a bill using the Void Receipt payment method. For information on creating this type of payment method in Restaurant Manager, see Adding a payment type.

NOTE: This is the only method to refund or adjust a finalized order for Belgian FDM users.

  1. Unfinalize the receipt that you want to refund. Note that you can only unfinalize a receipt up to a week after it was finalized. See Opening a Finalized Receipt.
  2. On the Order screen in Restaurant POS, tap the Pay icon.
  3. Tap the Void receipt payment method.
  4. If the bill was split, all split amounts will be refunded. This will automatically print out a refund ticket with the previous amount in negative, canceling the previous VAT (BTW) ticket.
  5. If applicable, open the table and create a new receipt by adding the order items and taking payment.

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