Viewing customer credit/tab history

You can easily view all of a customer's open and closed tab receipts in Restaurant POS. Only orders that are assigned to customer accounts using the Put on Tab payment method are recorded. Tabs that are created using the Overview Panel and aren't associated with a customer won't show here. 

You can also view a customer's tab receipts in Restaurant Manager, see Viewing customer tabs in Restaurant Manager.

  1. On the Tables screen in Restaurant POS, tap Extra.
  2. Tap Open Tabs from the down-down menu.
  3. To view all tabs, included ones that are closed, tap Show all tabs.
  4. Select a customer to open their account details. 
  5. Tap Credit/Tab History to expand and view the tab details section.
    • The credit balance can show as either a positive or negative amount.
    • Transactions where credit was added to the customer account show as green.
    • Transactions where customer credit was used as payment show as red.


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