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Gift card transactions

The Gift Cards Transactions page provides detailed information on individual gift card transactions. Use this page to help keep track of gift card sales and the resulting changes in monetary value.

Information on the Gift Cards Transactions page can be filtered by date/time period, location (in multi-location environments), and gift card ID. 

To access the Gift Card Transaction page in Restaurant Manager, click Payments > Gift Card Transactions


ADDED VALUE The monetary amount that has been added to the gift cards during the selected time period.
REDEEMED VALUE The monetary amount that has been used as payment during the selected time period.


DATE The date and time of the transaction.
ID The gift card identification number that was designated when it was activated.
LOCATION OF USAGE Where the transaction occurred in multi-location environments only.
ORIGINAL AMOUNT The original monetary amount of the gift card when it was activated.
TRANSACTION AMOUNT The monetary amount of the gift card transaction.
REMAINING BALANCE The unused monetary amount that remains on the gift card. 
ACTION Whether the transaction added or removed value to the gift card.

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