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Setting up customer tabs

Set up tab payment buttons at your business to allow ongoing customer tabs or to view the customer's tab history. The Put on Tab payment-method button allows POS users to add orders to a customer's account for later payment and is used when the customer doesn't have existing credit amounts. The Tab Paid payment button allows POS users to specify when a customer is paying for an outstanding tab balance. 

From Restaurant Manager, view all tab receipts (both open and closed) for a customer. Only tabs that are assigned to a customer's account using the Tab payment method will be visible. Tabs created using the Overview Panel that are not associated to specific customers will not appear on a customer's tab history. 

Setting up customer tabs in Manager

To allow customers to run a tab, follow these instructions to create both Put on Tab and Tab Paid POS buttons:

  1. From Restaurant Manager, select the Payments > Payment Types tab. 
  2. Select the Add payment button from the top left of the page. 
  3. From the popup window, give the payment-type button a name (this is what the name of the button will be on the POS). Name the button according to the associated payment type, such as Put on Tab
  4. On the same popup window, apply the Put on Tab and/or Tab Paid payment type.
    • Put on Tab payment-type: this is used to add an outstanding amount to a customer's account for later payment.
    • Tab Paid payment-type: this is used to distinguish when an outstanding tab balance has been paid by the customer.
  5. Apply other settings for the POS button, such as a button description and color. 
  6. Press Save.

For more information on creating payment-type POS buttons, see Adding a payment type.

Viewing customer tabs in Manager

  1. In Restaurant Manager, select Users and then open the Customers tab.
  2. Select the customer to open the customer details. NOTE: Customers with open tabs are marked with a TABS icon.
  3. Select 'Put on tab' Receipts.
  4. Select a receipt on the left to open the receipt details. 


Using customer tabs on Restaurant POS

For more information on managing customers on the POS app (including the different uses for payment-method buttons), see Setting up customer accounts.

For more information on using customer tabs on the POS app, see Charging a payment to a customer tab.

For more information on viewing tab history on the POS app, please see Viewing customer tabs in Restaurant POS.

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