Viewing order details

The order list on the Order screen shows detailed information related to an order. The table name is shown at the top, in addition to the date and time the order was created. The quantity of an order product, as well as its name and price show in list format. 

If applicable, taxes will show below the product list. 

The current Total due for the order shows at the bottom-right of the order list.


Customize the order list with Device Settings

How and what the order list displays is dependent on two settings in the ORDER VIEW OPTIONS section of Device Settings.

  1. The Default receipt item information setting sets what will display by default in the left column.
    • PLU: The product's unique ID.
    • User: The user who entered the product on the order.
    • Customer Seats: The seat the product has been assigned to. "Seat 0" implies the product is assigned to the table as a whole.
    • Modification time: The last time the product was edited.
  2. Enabling the Show sorting options in order view settings allows the user to choose how to organize the order list.
    • Time: The time at which the product was added to the order.
    • Product: Organizes the products alphabetically.
    • Seat: Organizes the order products by the seat they're assigned to.
    • User: Organizes the order products by the user who entered them into Restaurant POS.
    • Course: Organizes the order products by their assigned course. This can later be edited in the courses popup.

For more information on these settings, see Device Settings.

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