Sorting and saving courses

Items are automatically organized into courses based on what category they're in. For example, the green salad is in the Starters category, so it gets placed in Course 1 by default. To change the default course for an item, see Creating Categories

To rearrange courses and items, use the course popup. The course popup will automatically appear when two or more items are sent to the kitchen or if you have the Show sort on coursing in order view option enabled in settings.

  1. Select items for the order. 
  2. Tap Send Kitchen.  The courses popup appears. 

Available options:

    • To drag and drop a single items, tap and hold the 3 horizontal bars. 
    • To add a course, tap +.
    • To move a whole course up in the order:
      1. Tap an item in the course.
      2. Tap Course Up.
    • To move a whole course down in the order:
      1. Tap an item in the course.
      2. Tap Course Down.
    • To revert any changes, tap Reset.

3. Tap Print to send the order to the kitchen and save the course changes.

The new course order is now saved and will appear in the Order view under the Course tab.

NOTE: Course 0 should be used for unassigned items. These items won't be affiliated with a course. For example, drinks.

 To edit a course list after it's been sent to the kitchen:

  1. Tap Send Kitchen. 
  2. Tap All Items. The courses popup appears. 
  3. Make changes. See Available options above.
  4. Tap Print.
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