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Closing your batch on the Ingenico iCT250

In order for card payments to be deposited into your bank account, it’s necessary to close a batch on your terminal at the end of each business day. A batch represents a grouping of completed transactions on a given day. By closing a batch, you are sending all credit and debit transactions made during the day for payment processing, so these funds can be deposited into your account. 

It’s important to close a batch on the Ingenico iCT250 at the end of each business day and for each terminal at your business. 


Setting your terminal to Standalone mode

Before closing your batch, you will need to put the iCT250 terminal in Standalone mode. 

What is Standalone and Semi-Integrated mode?

The iCT250 payment terminal has two modes: Standalone and Semi-Integrated.

  • Standalone mode lets you use the terminal with it being connected to Lightspeed, which means you can manually enter a transaction amount and charge a customer without the need of an existing transaction in Lightspeed.
  • In Semi-Integrated mode, the payment terminal is only processing payments for receipts that exist in Lightspeed. It is recommended to use the latter during serving periods as it removes the chance of typing the wrong amount or finalizing the transaction with the wrong payment type.

To put your iCT250 terminal in Standalone mode:

  1. From the login screen, press the F2 (arrow down) button.
  2. When prompted to switch from Semi-Integrated to Standalone mode, Select YES.
  3. You can now proceed to close the batch on the terminal.



Closing a batch on the Moneris Ingenico ICT250

Once your terminal is in Standalone mode, you can proceed to close the batch on your terminal. Note that once a batch is closed, it is not possible to void or modify the payments it contains.

  1. From the login screen, press the # button. 
  2. Select REPORTS and press the green OK button.
  3. Select CLOSE BATCH and then press OK.
  4. When prompted to close the batch, select YES. The batch details will be printed from the terminal. 
  5. Once printed, the batch is closed. Repeat this process on any remaining terminals at the end of each business day or shift.

Once you’ve closed the batch on your terminal(s), make sure to set the terminal back to Semi-Integrated mode. The terminal needs to be in Semi-Integrated mode to communicate with Lightspeed POS and process payments. To put the terminal back in Semi-Integrated mode, follow the same steps for activating Standalone mode above.

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