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Blackbox CleanCash setup (Belgium)

(Belgium only)

This article is intended for Belgian customers only and details how to set up a CleanCash Fiscal Data Module (FDM) for use with Lightspeed Restaurant. Before setting up your Blackbox, ensure that your localized FDM settings in the Restaurant Manager are correctly set. 

Setting up the CleanCash Blackbox

1. Ensure that you have all required hardware and cables.


2. Finalize all open orders, and then insert the VSC (VAT Signing Card) in the Zwarte Doos hardware.

3. Setup up your router.

    • Router Setup

    • Assign a static DHCP reservation in your router for the LiteServer.

4. Set up the LiteServer.

5. Connect the CleanCash hardware.

6. FDM activation in Restaurant Manager.

NOTE: Ensure the FDM receipt printer template is assigned to the correct receipt printer in Restaurant Manager. See Creating printer templates in Restaurant Manager. 

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