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Setting up the Verifone MX915 with Lightspeed Payments

The Genius MX915 is available in North American and is a countertop terminal used to process transactions with Lightspeed Payments. The terminal connects to your network through LAN, meaning it requires a wired connection to your internet router. The Genius MX915 is often used for processing transactions where a tip amount can be added after payment, for instance in a table service environment.  The MX915 also supports contactless payments as the transaction flow is completed entirely by a POS user. 


This section will guide you through configuring settings and setting up your terminal so that you can process payments.

If you have not yet enabled Lightspeed Payments on your account, you will need to create the Lightspeed Payments payment type. For more information, see our article on Configuring Lightspeed Payments.  


When you receive the Genius terminal, you should have the following components:

  • Genius MX915 payments terminal
  • Communications module (external attachment with ports)
  • 12V power adapter & cable
  • Ethernet cable


Connecting your hardware

Connecting your terminal to your network and power involves a few simple steps. Make sure that wherever you set up your terminal, you're within range of your internet router (or switch) and a power source.

1. First, take the communication module piece and slide it firmly into place on the back of the terminal so that the ports face outwards.


The tabs will click into place when the module is fully inserted:


2. Take your power adapter and cable. Plug the power cable into the communication module's power socket. Connect the pronged plug into a power source.


3. Next, plug one end of your ethernet cable into a port on the communications module, and then plug the other end of the ethernet cable into your router (or switch). The internet router (or switch) will need to be within range of your terminal so that the cable can reach.


Obtaining the terminal's IP address

You'll need to obtain the terminal's IP address to add the terminal onto Lightspeed Manager. To find out your the terminal's IP address:

1. After you have plugged your terminal into ethernet and a power source, the terminal will turn on. Wait until the terminal has booted up and a Genius logo appears on screen.


2. From the idle screen, tap 000 onto the device keypad. An Admin modal will appear on screen prompting for a password.


3. Using the keypad, enter the default admin password: 9416557.  Once entered, press the green button on the terminal.


4. The screen will display the terminal's IP address and other information, such as the firmware version. Take note of the IP address displayed on the terminal screen. You will need this to complete the configuration process from Restaurant Manager. 


5. Press the red X (cancel) button to return to the idle screen.

Adding the payment terminal

  1. On Restaurant Manager, select Payments > Payment Terminals from the left-hand menu.
  2. From the Payment Terminals page, select the Add Genius button. An Add Genius Terminal popup will open.
  3. From the window, give the terminal an identifiable name and description in the Label and Description fields. This will help you easily identify the terminal in your business. 
  4. In the IP field, enter the IP address you obtained earlier. 




Assigning the terminal to a POS device 

  1. On Restaurant Manager, select Devices > Devices and select a POS device from the list.
  2. On the resulting screen, scroll down to Payment Terminals and specify the terminal you just added in the previous step.
  3. Press Save  when you are done.


Your terminal is now ready to process payments.

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