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Assigning a login card to a user

For added security, Restaurant POS users can have personal login cards to be used in place of a password or PIN code. To use login cards you need a supported card swiper affiliated with your Restaurant POS device. 

For information on ordering login cards, contact us

NOTE: To use login cards, the Enable swipe to login Device Setting must be enabled in the USER SETTINGS section. See Device Settings for more information.

Assign a login card to a user

  1. On the User screen in Restaurant POS, swipe the new login card.
  2. Tap the user you want to assign the login card to.

NOTE: Each login card can only be assigned to one user. If a user is removed from your Lightspeed Restaurant account, their login card can't be reused.

What's next?

Log in using your login card. See Logging in to Restaurant POS.

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