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Helpful tips for the Mobile Tap

The Mobile Tap is a portable payments solution suited for quick serve, casual restaurant environments. The Mobile Tap reader processes the customer's payment method while the iOS device acts as the interface prompting users throughout the transaction. Throughout the transaction process, the Mobile Tap and iOS device communicate with one another until the payment has been processed.

The Mobile Tap uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with the Restaurant POS app. There may be instances where a user encounters connectivity issues, but we recommend the following steps as most connectivity issues between the Mobile Tap reader and Restaurant POS app simply involve a quick adjustment. All of the following steps are outlined in more detail in Setting up the Mobile Tap reader.

Unable to pair the Mobile Tap?

The Mobile Tap reader pairs to your POS device directly through the Restaurant POS app. If you are having difficult connecting your Mobile Tap, try the following options:

  1. To ensure a seamless transaction experience, your iOS device and POS app should be operating on the most recent iOS software and Restaurant POS app versions.
  2. Ensure that the Mobile Tap reader has been turned on and is within range of the POS device.
  3. Begin a transaction. Instead of confirming the payment amount, tap the Card reader info button from the initial payment confirmation window. You will see a list of available Mobile Tap readers if they are turned on and within range. Manually select the Mobile Tap reader you wish to pair with the iOS device. 
  4. Ensure that Location Services and Bluetooth are both enabled on the iOS device Settings.
  5. Ensure that Location and Bluetooth have been enabled from the iOS device Settings > Restaurant POS app.
  6. Ensure that the Mobile Tap reader is not paired through your iOS Bluetooth devices list - the Mobile Tap will connect through the Restaurant POS app.
  7. The Mobile Tap reader can only be connected to one POS device at a time. In the case where the POS app cannot find a Mobile Tap reader, exit the Lightspeed POS app on any POS devices the reader may have been previously connected to. Turn off the Mobile Tap. Restart the Mobile Tap and re-open the POS app. Follow the previous steps outlined above and try processing a transaction.

Stuck on the payments processing screen?

Sometimes, a user may get "stuck" in the payments processing screen if Location Services have been disabled from the iOS device Settings.

  1. Exit the Lightspeed POS app and turn off the Mobile Tap reader.
  2. Enable Location Services from the iOS device's Settings menu. 
  3. Turn on the Mobile Tap and try processing a transaction.

Unable to process a payment amount?

For all transactions with Lightspeed Payments, the payment amount must be at least 0.50 cents. If you are unable to process a payment amount, ensure the transaction is greater than 0.49. 


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