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About reports and data

Reports and data in Restaurant Manager are accessible from the Reports and Dashboard pages. The Reports page has reports you can view, print, and download to better manage your business. The Dashboard page is a customizable assortment of graphs and stats you can use to see an overview of your restaurant's performance. The Export Data page allows you to export raw reports data into a flat CSV file.

You may also access Day, User, and Closing reports in the Restaurant POS app. See Reports in Restaurant POS.

Available reports

Receipts Displays receipt data in table, line-chart, and pie-graph format. It is also possible to print individual receipts via the Receipts module, in regions where this is supported.
Labour reports Displays user clock-in/clock-out times. You can also edit a user’s clock-in/out time, and admin users can force clock out other users.
Hour reports Displays reports organized by hour in table, line-chart, and pie-graph format.
Day reports Displays reports organized by day in table, line-chart, and pie-graph format.
Week reports Displays reports organized by week in table, line-chart, and pie-graph format
Month reports Displays reports organized by month in table, line-chart, and pie-graph format
Closing Reports (Z) Access a list of downloadable daily Closing Reports that detail summaries of POS activity including revenue, payment types, receipts and tips. Closing Reports (Z) are created in Restaurant POS during the End Day process. For more information, see Creating Closing Reports X/Z.
Product reports Displays your products sorted from the best-selling to worst, a bar graph with the top 10 selling products, and a pie chart with the top 10 products based on revenue.
Category reports Displays the total revenue by category as a bar graph.
User reports Displays a bar graph of revenues per user, a percentage pie chart representing the receipts per user, and a table with all users with additional information.
Revenue reports Displays your total and average revenue, as well as the total receipts, tables, and customers. The revenue is shown by category
Ingredient reports Displays the quantity and total cost of the ingredients sold within a specified date range.
Shift reports Displays a summarized revenue report for all users based on a specified date and time range.
IRS reports (USA only) Generate reports related to allocated tips for a given calendar year for use on W-2 and 8027 forms.
Summary reports Generate detailed revenue, tax, discount and product sales information for extended periods up to a year.
Advanced Reports Provides simple, customizable in-depth metrics for users who want to get detailed information on how their restaurant is performing. It is an additional module that must be enabled on your Lightspeed account.
Export data Download a flat CSV by selecting a date range and specifying locations (if your business has multiple locations) to be included in the export. It is possible to export CSV reports for the following data: receipts, receipt items, payments, taxes, modifiers, users, products and categories.

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