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Summary report

The summary report contains detailed revenue, tax, discount and product sales information for extended periods up to a year.


Use the summary report to see:

  • Amount of tax collected
  • Revenue and tax generated
  • Year-to-year comparisons
  • Top selling categories
  • Amount of tips collected
  • Number of customers served
  • Amount of discounts applied
  • Refunded products
  • Sales from midnight to midnight rather than by opening time

Generating a summary report

To generate a summary report:

  1. In Restaurant Manager, click Reports Summary Reports.
  2. Click the date field to open the date picker.
  3. Select a start date/time in the lefthand calendar and an end date/time in the righthand calendar.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. To download the report, click Export as PDF or Export as CSV.


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