Creating products

Use these instructions to create standard food and beverage products in Lightspeed Restaurant. To avoid having to move your products to categories one-by-one, we recommend that you create your categories first and select the appropriate category when creating your products.

If you have a multi-location account (more than one restaurant linked to the same account), when you create or edit a product you can select the locations you want to apply the changes to after you save the product. These changes can only be made from the master account.

See Product setup for information about the product types in Lightspeed Restaurant.

  1. In Restaurant Manager, click Products > Products on the navigation menu. 
  2. Click the category you want the product to be in.
  3. Click Add Product.
  4. Specify the settings and save your changes.
    • Name: Product name to display in Restaurant POS
    • ID: product code, also known as the PLU. This code is automatically generated when a product name is entered, based on the first letter of the category followed by a number sequence.
    • Kitchen Name: optionally, add a different name to display on the kitchen ticket.
    • Price: unit price for the product
    • Modifiers: modifiers for the product
    • Color: color assigned to the product button on the Order screen
    • Image: Upload or select a product image to display in the product details view, also known as Show-and-Tell. Supports PNG, JPG, and GIF image files (500 KB maximum).
    • Visible: Sets whether the product is visible in Restaurant POS.
    • Product type: affects what happens when the product is selected on the Order screen in Restaurant POS:
      • Normal: The product is automatically added to the order at the specified price.
      • Amount popup: A popup appears asking you to define the product quantity for the order.
      • Open Price: A popup appears asking you to define the product price for the order. 

 Advanced Options

    • Takeout price: takeout price for the product. Select =price to set the takeout price to the regular product price.
    • Delivery price: delivery price for the product. Select =price to set the delivery price to the regular product price.
    • Tax Rate: tax rate for the product. New products automatically inherit the category’s tax rate.
    • Barcode: product barcode
    • Delivery Tax rate: delivery tax rate for the product
    • Takeout Tax rate: takeout tax rate for the product
    • Description: optionally provide additional product information when viewing product images and descriptions in the product details view, also known as Show-and-Tell.
    • Cost: product cost
    • Timed Events: Select any Timed Events you want to assign to the product.
    • Ingredients: Click Choose Ingredients to assign ingredients to the product. To add a new ingredient to the product, select the ingredient from the list, enter the unit quantity for the ingredient and click +.
    • Enable Stock Management: If stock management is enabled (see About Stock Settings), and the product’s category has stock management enabled (see About categories), this enables or disables stock management for the product. When enabled, the product’s stock level is tracked, and appears on reports and in . When disabled, the product’s the stock level is not tracked, and does not appear on reports and in Restaurant POS. 
      • Stock: current stock level for the product. You can also modify product stock levels from the Products Report screen. See Products Report.
      • Enforce Stock: prevents the product from being ordered if the stock level quantity is zero (0) or less. This option appears and functions only if the global Enforce Stock setting is enabled. See About Stock Settings.

What's next

After creating your products, you can also choose to create fixed or choice menus. See About menus.

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