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SMS marketing

Note: Before using SMS marketing within Lightspeed Loyalty, Canadian and US businesses must ensure they are permitted to send these messages. Although Lightspeed offers businesses the ability to send SMS marketing communications, certain guidelines restrict the right of a business that sells tobacco, vape, CBD, cannabis, or marijuana products to benefit from SMS marketing. If you are operating in the US, your business must adhere to the CTIA’s Principles and Best Practices. If you are operating in Canada, your business must adhere to the Cannabis Act and Tobacco & Vaping Products Act.

Mobile carriers take compliance seriously. Therefore, as of February 11, 2022, we are disabling the Send SMS Marketing feature for any businesses that do not fit within the guidelines and regulations in North America. Any business that is caught still using SMS marketing that is not permitted to do so will be blocked from sending all SMS marketing messages and may face serious financial penalties.  Your business will be responsible for any and all claims made against Lightspeed resulting from your continued use of the SMS marketing feature.

If your business falls into any of these categories, Lightspeed Loyalty mandates that email marketing be used instead. Lightspeed is currently working on a feature that will enable you to send all of your automated customer communications (time-away rewards, birthday rewards, etc.) via email.

Lightspeed Loyalty allows you to communicate directly with your customers through our marketing tools. With SMS Marketing you can compose a short text message to send to specific customer groups. 

To send longer messages that can include images and attached rewards, see Email marketing.

Note: The email marketing and SMS marketing tools are only available to Premium Lightspeed Loyalty customers.

Sending a marketing text

In Loyalty Manager, click on SMS marketing > Send marketing SMS


  • Enter up to 300 characters into the Message field.
  • Enter the names of the user groups you want to send this email to in the Groups field. If left blank, the email will be sent to all customers.
  • Click Send SMS.
  • Click Confirm

You can send up to 1000 text messages per month per location. Keep in mind that a single message sent to a user group of 100 members counts as 100 text messages sent (one for each user). The Status section of the Send marketing SMS page displays tally of how many text messages you've used so far and how many you have left. If you need to purchase more text messages, contact Lightspeed Support.

SMS History

To view a log of text messages sent to your customers, click SMS marketing > SMS history





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