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Setting up the Socket Mobile S700

Set up a Socket Mobile S700 barcode scanner for use with Lightspeed Restaurant by putting the scanner into iOS mode and pairing it with an iOS device running the Restaurant POS app. After setting up a scanner, add barcodes to products in Restaurant Manager so employees can use the scanner to add those items to orders.

Note: To scan the barcodes in this article, either print and scan them or scan them from a screen. If printing the barcodes, do not stretch them as this can make them unscannable.
  1. Hold the power button on the scanner to turn it on.
  2. Scan the iOS mode barcode below or in the scanner’s manual. Wait for the scanner to beep three times, indicating it has entered iOS mode.
    New barcode scanners will be set to HID mode by default before completing this step. Only iOS mode, not HID mode, is compatible with the Lightspeed Restaurant app.
  3. On your iOS device, go to Settings > Bluetooth, then turn Bluetooth on.
  4. Wait for the Socket device name to appear on the screen under Devices or Other Devices (if Bluetooth accessories have been paired with this iOS device before).
  5. Tap the Socket device name on screen to pair it with the iOS device. When pairing is complete, the scanner’s status will change to Connected.
    Note: To unpair the scanner, tap the "i" icon, then select Forget This Device. To reset the scanner to factory settings, scan the factory reset barcode.

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