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Creating an Order Anywhere menu

Menus determine which product categories customers can order from on your Order Anywhere page and in the Restaurant POS app. Depending on business needs and preferences, you’ll either need to create a new menu for Order Anywhere or make changes to an existing menu to optimize it.

  1. Decide whether to create a new menu or use an existing menu with Order Anywhere.
    • We recommend creating a new menu when there are products you do not want customers to order online for pickup (for example, items that may not travel well, such as ice cream).
    • If there are no restrictions on what customers should be able to order, use an existing menu. Make sure to follow step 3 below to optimize the menu for use with Order Anywhere.
  2. If creating a new menu, follow the steps in Creating a menu to get started.
  3. Follow our guidelines and tips below for creating a new Order Anywhere menu or optimizing an existing menu.
    • Categories - Shortcut categories provide flexibility when planning an Order Anywhere menu as they enable you to create new categories of products from existing standard categories. For example, a Cold Drinks shortcut category could be created to exclude hot drinks from the online menu if both types of drinks currently belong to the same standard category.
    • Products - Consider adding images to existing products so customers can see a photo of the item they are ordering on your Order Anywhere page. Create new products that may be missing from Restaurant Manager.
    • Combos - If using combos, you’ll need to reconfigure how these particular items are sold by using modifiers. Combo items are not supported in Order Anywhere.
    • Modifiers - Ensure relevant products have modifiers assigned so customers can give all the details needed to properly prepare their order. Examples of modifiers include the doneness of a burger (Well done, Medium well, etc.), order modifications, (Hold onions, Hold lettuce, etc.), and other similar options.

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