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Developer Settings in POS

NOTE: Modify these settings with caution. We recommend that you do not modify the first section of settings. Modifying them can cause the app to malfunction.

  1. From your iOS device, tap Settings  > Restaurant.

  2. Tap Developer Settings and specify the settings.

Print settings

  • Show reprint message on ticket: if enabled the ticket displays a Reprint message if it is printed for a second time.
  • HTML template better delay: if you use an HTML print template, enable this option if elements such as the logo do not print correctly on a receipt.

Functionality settings

  • Check for double saving receipt: enable this option if you have an unreliable network connection. This helps prevent missing data.
  • Enable iBeacons: if enabled you can log in using iBeacon instead of entering a password.
  • Switch between accounts: if enabled users can switch between multiple accounts on an iDevice.
  • Use LDAP for customer lookup
  • Condense combos
  • Enable Linked Receipts
  • Periodically log memory usage 
  • CFD mirroring: Allows you to connect to a Customer Facing Display device.

Item splitting settings

  • Split item in Equal Parts


  • Enable linked discounts to categories

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