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Reopening Lightspeed Restaurant L-series checklist

Reopening your restaurant after a hiatus or vacation period can be stressful. There's a lot to prepare: menus to review, staff to train, and recipes to revisit — all while getting reacquainted with the ins and outs of operating your business. To help you prepare and reopen as soon as possible, we've created a guide with some quick tasks that you can complete to ensure that Lightspeed Restaurant is ready to perform and help you serve customers. Note: Checklist tasks marked with an asterisk (*) are required only if your business uses this device or service. You can find a printable version of this checklist at the bottom of this article. 


Use the checkboxes alongside each step to keep track of the tasks you've completed.

Verify your account set up from the Restaurant Manager

Products: Audit your products, modifiers, combos and/or choices, categories, and menus, along with their associated prices or tax rates. The products and prices you offer may have changed, so make sure these changes are up-to-date for when you reopen.
Users: Go through your users and make sure all users are current and assigned to their appropriate user groups and/or individual permissions.
Floor plans: Verify your floor plan(s). If your business uses the takeaway table type, create a separate floor for your takeaway table button(s), as this allows you to track this in reporting more easily.
Tables: Ensure your floor plan contains table buttons sorted by order type. If your business offers more Takeaway and Delivery options, create Takeaway and Delivery table-type buttons for the POS. See Using tables for takeaway and delivery orders for more info. 
Quick Service Mode: If your business is shifting to quick service workflows, enable the Quick Service mode POS app setting. Tables and coursing are removed in this order mode for a faster checkout experience.

Checking your hardware

Router - Confirm a working network/Wi-Fi connection. Verify your network connection on every device by confirming which Wi-Fi network they are connected to. All Lightspeed devices need to be connected to the same network to communicate with one another. If you have network connection issues, please contact your Internet Service Provider or installer.
iOS Devices - Confirm that the Lightspeed Restaurant POS app is running the most current version on your iOS device(s). Go to the App Store, tap your profile icon at the top right of the screen, and scroll down to view any pending updates. If Lightspeed Restaurant POS displays on the screen, tap Update.
Printers - Make sure all Bar, Kitchen, Receipt, and/or Fiscal printers are turned on and still connected to your iOS device and network. Open the Lightspeed Restaurant POS app on your iPad. From the User/PIN Login screen, tap Tools > Print Test to see a list of connected printers. Validate that all your printers are listed and that their IP Addresses match what has been inputted on Restaurant Manager.
Payment terminals - Make sure all payment terminals are powered on and properly connected to your network, whether Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet (LAN) cable. Since payment terminals vary by region and processor, refer to the Payment Processor page for more setup information on each terminal type.
*Liteserver - Confirm your LiteServer's connectivity by logging in to Restaurant Manager > Support > and viewing your LiteServer connectivity status. If your LiteServer is offline, ensure the LiteServer is powered on by pressing the device's square power button once. Wait for the Liteserver to boot up (this can take up to five minutes). Refresh the Restaurant Manager Support page until the connectivity status reads Online. If you encounter any problems, see the Troubleshooting tips below.
*Scanners - If your business uses scanners to add products to an order, ensure the scanner is charged and connected. The Socket Mobile Scanner connects to the iOS device through a Bluetooth connection. To confirm pairing, navigate to your iOS Settings and ensure Bluetooth is on and paired to the scanner.
*Customer-facing display (CFD) - Confirm the Customer-facing Display device is properly connected to the POS device. If you see a red dot at the bottom of the screen while launching the Lightspeed CFD app, you'll need to re-pair the CFD device.
*Kitchen Display System (KDS) - Login and test your Kitchen Display before reopening to make sure it's still connected to your network and receiving orders. Clear any old tickets by tapping the Hamburger menu at the top left and then Clear all tickets.
*Self-Order menu - Ensure your Self-Order Menu device is connected to the same network as the POS device. Verify that your Menu app is connected by performing a test transaction. 

Test run your Restaurant POS app 

Login to the Lightspeed Restaurant POS app to verify that all users can log in.
Confirm floor plan access for each user type.
Verify your menus, categories, and products by adding items to a receipt.
Send an order to a Bar and/or Kitchen printer.
Print a receipt.
Complete a test transaction on a payment terminal.
Finalize a receipt.
Void a payment or finalized receipt.
If you use Z Reports, run a Z Report (Day and User) before starting your first shift to clear your totals.
Send your staff the Practise-run checklist as a useful tool for learning (or brushing up on) Lightspeed POS workflows.

Troubleshooting tips

Below is a list of common error messages you may encounter when reopening Lightspeed Restaurant after some time away. Click the toggles to see descriptions of what these messages mean, as well as some troubleshooting steps to fix them.

  • Receiving this error message means the POS is unable to reach our Cloud or LiteServer servers. If you operate on Cloud, check your internet connection by launching another app or browser window. If you use a LiteServer, the device might be offline.
    Troubleshooting: If the Liteserver is offline, this means it is either powered off, disconnected from your network, or its IP Address may have changed. Check the LiteServer's connectivity status on the Support page of Restaurant Manager. If the connectivity status says Offline, check the cables and power cycle the device. If the connectivity status says Online, note the LiteServer's IP Address and update this by tapping Configure Server on the POS login screen.

  • This means the iOS device sending the print job is unable to connect to the printer.
    Troubleshooting: Either the printer's IP Address changed and needs to be updated in Restaurant Manager, or your iOS device is on the wrong Wi-Fi network.

  • This means your username and/or password are incorrect. Note that both are case-sensitive.
    Troubleshooting: Select Forgot Password on the Restaurant Manager Login Page to reset your admin login credentials. If a POS user has forgotten their credentials, an admin user can reset it by going to Restaurant Manager > Users and selecting the user for whom they would like to reset the credentials.

Verify any add-on products or integrations

Delivery: Make sure your menus and business hours are up-to-date with your Delivery integration, especially if this info has changed since reopening.
Delivery: Send a test order through Lightspeed Delivery to confirm your connection between the POS and delivery platform(s). 
Self-Order Menu: If your workflows now focus on quick service, make sure your Self-Order Menu is configured to Kiosk Mode instead of Table Mode.


If you are unsure how to complete a particular workflow, follow the hyperlinks in the checklist for the corresponding Help Center article. You can also search the Restaurant Help Center for an answer by typing a question in the search bar above or viewing topic categories on the left-hand menu.

If you run into any hurdles while completing the Reopening Checklist, please reach out to the Support Team. We're here to help! 



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