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Activating a gift card

Activate a gift card and assign it a monetary value to be used by a customer. Gift cards can only be activated from within Restaurant POS. 

NOTE: You must create a Gift Card payment type in Restaurant Manager in order to work with gift cards in Restaurant POS. 

  1. From the Tables screen in Restaurant POS, tap a table to designate an order for the gift card transaction.
  2. From the Order screen, tap the Pay icon.
  3. Tap your Gift Card payment type.
  4. In the Gift Card popup, tap Activate/Recharge.
  5. Scan the gift card or manually enter its number and tap Next.

    NOTE: The gift card number can be any alphanumeric code of your choosing for situations when a barcode won't be used.

  6. Enter the amount to add to the gift card.
  7. Tap Add.
  8. Process the payment for the new gift card. See Taking Payments.


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