About Table mode

The Table mode of Lightspeed Menu is ideal for table service restaurant environments. The Menu iPad is affiliated with a designated table. Customers can place orders at any time throughout their meal. When they are ready to pay, the waiter processes the payment at the table.

To set Menu to Table mode

  1. Tap the iPad Settings > Menu
  2. Under APP SETTINGS, tap Mode
  3. Tap Table

Typical Table mode workflow

  1. You assign the iPad to a table.
  2. The customer taps the Menu home screen to start an order.
  3. The customer add items to the order. 
  4. The customer taps Order > Place Order
  5. The order is sent to the kitchen. 
  6. The waiter brings the order to the table. 
  7. The customer can place subsequent orders throughout their meal.
  8. To pay, the customer taps Total Bill > Pay Bill
  9. The waiter arrives at the table to finalize payment.

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