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Practice-run checklist

It is recommended to go through the following checklist with managers and staff before launching Lightspeed Restaurant at your business. Use the following checklist as a guide for reviewing important workflows and topics. If you are unsure of how to complete a certain workflow, find your answer in the Restaurant Help Center by typing keywords in the search bar.

Find a printable version of this checklist at the bottom of this article.

Administrative Tasks:

☐   Log in to the Lightspeed Restaurant POS app*
☐   Clock In/Out in the Lightspeed Restaurant POS app
☐   Manage the Cash Drawer in’s and out’s using the Cash Drawer tool*
☐   Print closing reports and follow closing procedures*
☐   Modify floor plan from the iPad*
☐   Adjust the stock quantity on a particular product*

Table and order management:

☐   Navigate through the menu categories to view all products
☐   Use shortcut panel to change price and quantity of items added to an order*
☐   Open modifier popup for a product to change the selections
☐   Delete an item from an order
☐   Use the search function to search for a product
☐   Add a Note to a product
☐   Apply a discount to a product or an order*
☐   Start a bar tab and a takeout order
☐   Toggle between floor plans
☐   Toggle between menus (e.g. breakfast menu, dinner menu, etc.) 
☐   Start a new table and place an order
☐   Check the time at which a menu item was ordered
☐   Assign orders to a specific seat in order screen
☐   Move an order to another table
☐   Move an item from one seat to another
☐   Adjust the number of seats on a table 
☐   Change course of a product using the Actions button
☐   Change course of a product using the course popup
☐   Send the entire order to the kitchen then send individual Fire Course tickets
☐   Send partially-printed tables (send individual courses one at a time)

Manage bills and payments:

☐   Print a receipt 
☐   Accept payments and finalize an order
☐   Finalize a receipt with Auto-Finalize as well as no auto-Finalize*
☐   Retrieve a finalized receipt*
☐   Reimburse a finalized receipt*
☐   VOID a receipt*
☐   Sell, activate and manage gift cards
☐   Split bill by seat
☐   Split an item in the payment screen
☐   Drag an item from one receipt to another in the payment screen
☐   Split bill using single-seat checkout 
☐   Split bill using selected items 
☐   Apply a payment to a receipt using multiple payment types 

 NOTE: Tasks marked with an * are typically performed by a supervisor or manager.  


Download or print the practice-run checklist PDF


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