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Pre-authorizing a credit card

Note: This is only available for merchants in the United States using Lightspeed Payments. However, this feature is not available on Mobile Tap payment terminals.

You can pre-authorize a credit card for a specified dollar amount—thereby guaranteeing payment—before adding items to the customer's order (e.g., in the case of a bar tab).

To pre-authorize a card:

  1. On the Order screen, tap Actions > Pre-authorize card.
  2. Enter the amount you would like to pre-authorize.
  3. Insert or swipe the card when instructed.

Once the authorization is approved, you will see the pre-authorized balance marked in green. As you add items to the order, their costs will be deducted from the pre-authorized amount. 

When you are ready to close the order, go to the Payments screen and tap Finalize. You may then adjust the Tip as needed.

Note: If no items are added to an order containing a pre-authorization, the pre-authorization will be voided during the payment-capturing process.

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