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Creating floors

Use floors to organize your tables into groups. Floors can reflect the actual layout of your restaurant as a floor plan (e.g. table-service environments) or can be used to organize your tables by type (e.g. quick-service environments).


  1. In Restaurant Manager, click Floors.
  2. Click the plus icon + at the top of the Floorplan Builder to add a floor.
  3. Specify the settings and click OK.



    A name for the floor.

    DESCRIPTION A description of the floor. Note that this will only appear in Restaurant Manager.
    WIDTH AND HEIGHT Floor width and height in pixels. For use on a iPad, we recommend that you leave the width and height values as-is (1024x690).
    DEFAULT SIZES Default size for the floor.
    VISIBLE Adjusts whether or not the floor is visible in Restaurant POS.
    ATTACH PRINTER You can assign a default printer from which all receipts are printed for that floor. Select the kitchen, bar or receipt printer template.
  4. Customize your new floor by selecting a background from the menu on the left. 


What's Next: 

Continue your floor plan by adding tables. See Creating tables for more information.

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