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Assigning timed events to categories and products

When creating or editing a product/category, you can link it to an existing Timed Event (see Creating timed events). A product/category can be linked to multiple Timed Events. If a Timed Event is linked to a category, it applies to all the products within that category. If more than one Timed Event is assigned to the same product/category, only the Timed Event with the highest assigned priority will take effect. 

To link a Timed Event to a products/categories

  1. In Restaurant Manager, click Products > Product or Category tab.
  2. Click the product or category to assign a Timed Event to.
  3. Click Advanced to open the additional options. 
  4. Click Choose Timed Events to open a list of existing Timed Events. 
  5. Click Timed Events to select them. Selected Timed Events will show green. 
  6. Click Ok to add the Timed Event(s) to the product/category. 
  7. Click Ok on the product/category popup to save. 


Layout in Restaurant POS

To ensure your desired layout of products in Restaurant POS when using Visibility-type Timed Events, you can link Timed Events with "Spacing" products. See Sorting Products.

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