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About cash drawers

Cash drawers are used to store and track cash flow and can be opened and closed using your device. If your device is not attached to a physical cash drawer, a virtual one called a user wallet is automatically created. Cash drawers must be configured from Restaurant Manager before being used on Restaurant POS. For more information on creating and setting up a cash drawer on Restaurant Manager, see About cash drawers and user wallets.

If you have cash drawer permissions enabled in your User Settings (See Assigning user roles), you can access cash drawer functions from the Profile screen.


Cash drawers can be used to:

NOTE: By default, cash drawers open for cash payments. You may also manually open a cash drawer from the Payments screen. Users with access to Restaurant Manager may edit when a cash drawer automatically opens by configuring settings on the Restaurant app settings page. To edit, navigate to Manager > Restaurant app settings > Accessory settings

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