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Editing floor plans in Restaurant POS

You can quickly add or modify a floor or table directly in Restaurant POS.

When you add a table in Restaurant POS, the table type is defined as Restaurant by default. You can edit the table in Restaurant Manager to change the type.

NOTE: The user must have the Edit floors permission enabled in order to add/edit floors and tables. See Floors and tables in Restaurant Manager

To edit tables and floors

  1. In Restaurant POS, select the floor you want to edit. See Switching floors.
  2. At the top of the Tables screen tap Edit. The settings panel appears.
  3. Tap the table or floor you want to edit or tap +floor or +table to add a new one.
  4. Make your edits in the settings panel on the left.
  5. Tap Save > Done. 


Name Designate or change the name of the table.
X and Y

Horizontal and vertical positioning of the table.

To move a table, tap-and-hold the table then drag it into place.

Width and Height

The width and height of the table, measured in pixels. 

Tap on a table and use the resize icon to change a table's dimensions. You can also enter precise pixel measurements in the settings.


The number of chairs assigned to the table. 

Use the slider to increase or decrease the number of chairs.

Rotation The rotation of the table. If the slider is in the center, the table's rotation is at 0 degrees. 

 If disabled, the table is rectangular by default. 

Floor Designate or change the name of floor.
Width Width of the floor in pixels.
Height Height of the floor in pixels.
Booking Capacity Booking capacity of the floor.

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