Basic ordering on an iPad

This is an overview of the basic steps for processing an order in Restaurant POS.

  1. In Restaurant POS, on the Tables screen tap a table to start a new order. The Order screen appears.

  2. Tap a category to display its products.
  3. Tap a product to add it to the order. The product now appears in the order list with its code, amount, name and price.


  4. After you select the order products, send the order to the bar and or kitchen by tapping the Send-Bar or Send-Kitchen buttons on the top navigation bar. After a product has been sent, it will show as greyed-out on the order list. 

    NOTE: If you specify course numbers for your categories/products, a courses popup appears when you print an order to the kitchen. For more information on the courses popup, see Sorting and Saving Courses. After confirming or editing the course order, tap Print to send the order to the kitchen.

  5. Finally, tap the Pay button on the top navigation bar to process a payment for the order. For more information, see Taking Payments and Tips.

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