Using the Actions Panel

The Actions Panel on the Order screen is a quick and easy way to transfer individual order items or an entire receipt. 

To enable the Actions Panel

If enabled in the Device settings, the Actions Panel appears on the Order screen.

  1. In Restaurant Manager, click Devices > Device settings.
  2. Open the related device profile. 
  3. In the ORDER VIEW SETTINGS section, enable Action Panel.

Actions Panel tasks

Transfer receipt

Easily transfer a receipt from one table to another or merge orders from two occupied tables. For example, if customers move from the bar, where they ordered drinks, to a table, you can transfer the order.

  1. From the Order screen, tap Actions
  2. In the Actions Panel, tap Transfer Receipt.
  3. Select the new table for the receipt. 

NOTE: If the new table is already in use, you will be asked to confirm the merge. To cancel the transfer at this point, tap Cancel on the warning popup and then Cancel in the top-right of your screen.

Transfer item(s)

Transfer one or multiple items between tables. For more information on transferring items, see Transferring an item.

NOTE: You must have the Allow transferring items between tables/tabs user role enabled in order to be able to transfer items to another table. See User Roles.

  1. From the Order screen, tap Actions
  2. In the Actions Panel, select the items for transfer from the receipt.
  3. Tap Transfer item(s).
  4. Select the new table.
  5. Tap Transfer Item(s). The Order screen of the new table opens automatically.

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