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Uber Eats for Lightspeed Delivery

Some delivery channels require special configuration in Lightspeed Restaurant. It is recommended that you create a separate category called Delivery in Restaurant Manager for any special products needed for delivery channels.

Delivery fee

If you want the Uber Eats delivery fee to appear as revenue in your reports, you need to create a special product that will be used to track delivery fee revenue.

In Restaurant Manager, create a product with the following specifications.

  • PLU: DEL88
  • Name: Uber Eats Delivery Fee
  • Price: 0

Then, enter the PLU in the Lightspeed Delivery Dashboard:

  1. In the Lightspeed Delivery Dashboard, click Locations.
  2. Select the desired location.
  3. Click Edit next to the Uber Eats delivery channel.
  4. Turn on the Show More toggle.
  5. Enable the Send Delivery Fee setting.
  6. Enter the Delivery Fee PLU in the Delivery PLU field.

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