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Adding a tip to a comped bill

Note: This is only available for merchants in the United States using Lightspeed Payments. However, this feature is not available on Mobile Tap payment terminals.

If your customer has a $0.00 subtotal for a comped bill, you can still pre-authorize a charge to their credit card in order to process a tip.

To add a tip to a comped bill:

  1. On the Tables screen, tap a table to start a new order or use an open receipt that has been discounted to $0.00.
  2. Tap Pay in the top right.
  3. Select the preferred payment type for this transaction. You will then see an alert regarding the conditions of the pre-authorization. Note: Only payment types configured with the Swiper, Cayan Genius, or Manual Card Entry types are eligible.
  4. Enter the amount you would like to pre-authorize. This amount will not be charged to the card until payment is finalized. 
  5. Process the card on the payment terminal or swiper, or input the card details manually according to the payment type selected in step 3.
  6. Once the pre-authorization is successful, a merchant and a customer copy of the transaction slip will print with an amount of $0.00 including lines for the tip and signature. If the payment type is not set to automatically print, you may swipe on the payment line and print.
  7. You may now enter the customer's tip or finalize the receipt and adjust the tip at the end of service.
Note: If a receipt contains a pre-authorization but the tip has not been added, the pre-authorization will be voided during the payment process.

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