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Linking products and categories to modifier groups

Products and categories can be linked to specific modifier groups. This is useful for when you create a new modifier group and want to assign it to existing categories or products. Linking a modifier group to a category adds the modifier to every product within that category.

To learn how to create a modifier group, see Creating modifiers. Categories and products can also be assigned to the modifier group from the Edit Category/Product popup. See Assigning modifiers to categories and products for more information.

To link products and categories from a modifier group

  1. In Restaurant Manager, click Products > Modifiers
  2. Click the modifier group you want to link products and/or categories to. 
  3. Click Link Category or Link Product.
  4. Select the categories/products.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Ok on the Edit Group popup to save your changes.


What's next: 

You can also assign modifiers from the individual product or category. This is useful if you create a new product/category and want to assign it to a pre-existing modifier group. See Assigning modifiers to categories and products.

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