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About products

Products in Lightspeed Restaurant refer to standard food and beverage items, as well as discounts and service charges that can be added to an order. Products are organized by categories and can be combined to create combo or choice menus.


Basic product setup

  • Categories: Create categories to organize your products into different groups. For example, you can create a Starters category and a Mains category. See Creating categories. To group popular items from different categories in one place, see Creating shortcut categories.
  • Products: Create the food and beverage products for your restaurant. See Creating products

Additional product setup

  • Modifiers: Modifiers are groups of items or options that are assigned to products and categories that let a user add more details on an order, such as side dishes and cooking temperature. See Creating modifiers.
  • Discounts: You can apply a percentage or dollar discount to an order by adding a Discount product that specifies the discount amount. See Creating discounts.
  • Service Charges: You can apply a service charge to an order, as a percentage or dollar value, by adding a Service Charge product that specifies the service charge. See Creating service charges.
  • Menus: You can create a fixed product menu with preset products, or a choice menu where customers select from a predefined list of choices. See About menus.
  • Ingredient Management: Use ingredient management to create ingredients and assign them to products for the purposes of tracking ingredient quantities and cost. See About ingredient management.
  • Stock Management: Stock Management refers to the tracking and reporting of product stock levels. See About stock management.


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