Creating modifiers

Modifiers are groups of items that are assigned to a product or category to add more details on an order, such as desired side dishes or preferred cooking temperature.

To add a note when sending an ordered product to the bar or kitchen, see Adding notes as modifiers.

To link products and categories to modifiers, see Linking products and categories to modifier groups.

  1. In Restaurant Manager, on the Products page click Modifiers > Add group.
  2. Specify the settings and click OK.

    • Name
    • Display Name: name and display name will appear on the kitchen or bar ticket
    • Display Inline: if enabled the full list of modifiers appears in the first screen of the modifier popup
    • Multi Select: number of modifier options that can be selected. If not enabled only one modifier option can be selected. If enabled you can select more than one modifier option. If enabled you must also set the minimum and maximum number of selections for the modifier. If you don’t want to limit the number of selections, you can enable No Max value.

    • Auto Popup: modifier appears automatically when the product is added to the order
    • Modifiers: Click +New Modifier to add a modifier to the group.
      • Name
      • Description
      • Price or Price without tax: depending on the Include VAT tax setting (see Company Settings), price of the modifier either with or without tax. This will be added on top of the original price.
      • Default Option: if enabled the modifier is assigned by default to a product. Only one modifier, or none, can be default.
    • Link category: Click Link category to select categories to link to the modifier group. See Linking products and categories to modifier groups.
    • Link product: Click Link product to select products to link to the modifier group. See Linking products and categories to modifier groups.

What's next

Assign the modifier to products. See Assigning modifiers to categories and products.

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