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Closing your batch

Note that these options are only necessary for merchants in North America.

Because Lightspeed Payments is an integrated processor, there is no need to manually capture your payments - either from the terminal itself or Lightspeed Restaurant.

By default, any open payments are set to capture (or batch) automatically at 4AM each night. You have until then to adjust payments and tips as necessary before they are finalized and sent for processing. While payments are automatically captured once a day, you can adjust the auto-capture time from Restaurant Manager.

Adjusting your batch capture time

To adjust the time when payments are automatically captured (finalized) daily:

  1. From Restaurant Manager, navigate to Payments > Payment Processors.
  2. Select the payment processor icon shown on screen.
  3. Select the Autocapture time. A modal will appear allowing you to edit the time.
  4. Press OK to save the changes.


What's next?

Access reporting and understand your payments schedule. See Reporting for the Genius MX915

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