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If you run a multi-location establishment, you can manage your Loyalty program across locations from Loyalty Manager. Adding locations allows you to link admins to the proper location (see Customers for more information), and filter reports by location (see Reports for more information).

To begin, navigate to Locations > Manage Locations


  • To edit a location, click the Screen_Shot_2018-11-15_at_12.29.17_PM.png button.
  • To temporarily enable or disable a location, toggle the On/Off switch.
  • To permanently delete a location, click the Screen_Shot_2018-11-15_at_12.30.04_PM.png button.
  • To edit a phone number, location name or Report ID, double-click on it and edit it in the text field.

To add a new location:

  1. Click the button beside Add Location.


  2. Enter the Location Name.
  3. Optionally, enter the Report ID. This ID will appear next to each transaction made at this location in the Reports section.
  4. Enter the location's Address.
  5. Enter the location's Phone number.
  6. Adjust the location's Business hours by clicking Edit business hours. In the Edit business hours popup, click on the coloured rectangles to switch them between red and green. Green indicates open and red indicates closed. Click the time next to the sun icon or moon icon to adjust the opening and closing hours. Click Close to save.
  7. Click Add Location.



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