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About Kiosk mode

The Kiosk mode of Self-Order Menu is ideal for quick service restaurant environments where the customers orders and pays in a single interaction.

To set Self-Order Menu to Kiosk mode

  1. Tap the iPad Settings .
  2. Tap Menu 1200x630bb.png.
  3. Under APP SETTINGS, tap Mode
  4. Select Kiosk
  5. Close and re-open the Self-Order Menu app.

Typical Kiosk mode workflow

  1. The customer taps the Kiosk home screen to start their order.
  2. The customer selects their desired category from the left menu.
  3. The customer taps on items within that category to add them to the order. 
  4. The customer taps REVIEW ORDER to view the current bill. 
  5. The customer can edit their order items if desired.
  6. The customer taps PAY.
  7. The customer selects the payment method.
  8. If the Customer information prompt setting is activated, the customer enters their name and/or phone number in order to know when their order is ready. See Setting up SMS notifications for more information. 

    NOTE: If the customer would rather not enter their phone number, they can simply tap Next to skip the step.  

  9. The order is sent to the kitchen and a receipt prints.
  10. The customer waits to receive their order. If applicable, an SMS message will be sent to the customer when the order is marked as Done on the Kitchen display


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