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Ingredient report

If you’ve created ingredients and assigned them to products (see About Ingredients), the Ingredient Report displays the quantity and total cost of the ingredients sold in a specific period. The Ingredient Report is a useful tool in determining stock levels for sold products within a specified date range.

When a new ingredient is assigned to a product that was already sold, the Ingredient Report includes the new ingredient in all previous sales. For example, if you’ve already sold ten burgers and then assign a tomato ingredient to the burger, the Ingredient Report includes the tomato as part of the previous ten sales. 

Please note: the Ingredient Report is only available in Restaurant Manager.


To access the report

  1. In Restaurant Manager, click Reports.
  2. From the menu on the left, click Ingredient Reports

To set the date range

  1. Click the date at the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Select a date range by clicking a start and end date, or click Today, This week, or This month.

What's displayed

  • Name: ingredient name
  • SKU: ingredient SKU number
  • Used Amount: number of units used during the date range
  • Type: ingredient unit type
  • Cost: ingredient cost per unit
  • Total Cost: total cost of units sold during the date range

To download or print the report

Click PDF Report or CSV Report at the top of the screen.

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