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Creating customers in Manager

It's possible to create a customer from both Restaurant Manager and Restaurant POS. 

From Restaurant Manager, manually add individual customers or bulk import an existing customer list. This article will explain how to manually create an individual customer from Restaurant Manager. For more information on how to manually import a customer CSV file, see Importing or exporting customers in Manager.

Creating a new customer

  1. From Restaurant Manager, go to Users Users.
  2. Select the Customers tab.
  3. Select New Customer.
  4. Input customer info on the Add Customer fields
    • Add relevant info such as the customer's name, contact details and birthday.
    • To assign products to a customer, you must save the new customer and then open the Edit Customer field. See Editing and deleting customers in Manager.
  5. Select Save.



A note on privacy

Whenever creating customers on your Lightspeed Restaurant account, it's important to receive the customer's consent before adding any of their personal contact information. It's common practise to ask for a customer's name and relevant contact info during payment, especially if they are a frequent visitor or want to receive an electronic receipt.

As a Lightspeed user, it's imperative to respect and follow these privacy laws according to your region to ensure your compliance.

You can visit our Trust Center with all of our resources dedicated to security and privacy for more information.

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