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Setting up bottle deposits

In some areas, customers pay an additional fee to purchase certain packaged drink items, like bottled beverages. This deposit gets refunded to the customer when they return their bottle, tin can, or other drink container to your business.

In Lightspeed Restaurant, you can handle bottle deposits using a combination of products, combos, and specific settings. 

  1. Create a new product representing the deposit. Use these settings:
    Name Deposit, Bottle Deposit, etc.
    Price Amount of the deposit.
    Allow refund Enable this setting for the deposit to be refundable
    Visible Enable this setting for the deposit to be available at the POS. 
    Advanced options If deposits are not taxed in your area, set the Tax rate to 0.
    Other settings Set as desired.
    Settings for a new deposit product
  2. Create products for all items that require the deposit. 
  3. Create a new fixed combo and select both the deposit and product as sub-products.

    At the POS, you'll sell this combo when a customer purchases that item. When they return for a deposit refund, refund the deposit product (not the entire combo). 

    Settings for a new fixed combo containing a soda bottle and deposit
  4. (Optional) Repeat step 3 as needed to create a combo for each additional product that needs a deposit.
  5. Enable Show combo name and items located within your Advanced layout settings to ensure both the deposit and product appear on customer receipts.

    Important: Without enabling this setting, receipts will only show the combo name.

    The Show combo name and items setting enabled in Restaurant Manager

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