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Setting up the Verifone e285 Genius terminal with Cayan

Set up an EMV-enabled Verifone e285 Genius payment terminal for use with Cayan integrated payment processing in Lightspeed Restaurant POS.

Setup includes the following:

  1. Obtain your POS credentials from Cayan.
  2. Set Cayan as the payment gateway in Lightspeed Restaurant.
  3. Connect the terminal to the network and get the terminal's IP address.
  4. Add the payment terminal to your iPad.
  5. Enable tipping on the terminal. 

1. Obtain your POS credentials from Cayan

To configure Cayan as a payment type in Lightspeed Restaurant, you need to first obtain your POS credentials from Cayan. Typically, your credentials would have been sent to you by email from Cayan. If you don't have this information on hand, please contact Cayan support.

Cayan POS Credentials  

This is the name of the account as it appears in Cayan. 

NOTE: This is not the username used to log in to a virtual terminal.

Password This is the transaction key.
Site ID This is the site ID.
Full name

This is the name of the account as it appears in Cayan.

NOTE: This is the same as the username.

2. Add Cayan as a payment processor in Lightspeed Restaurant

 NOTE: Your location settings in Restaurant Manager must be set to a Cayan-supported region.

  1. In Restaurant Manager, click Payments > Payment Processors
  2. Click Cayan.
  3. In the Edit Payment Account popup, enter your Cayan credentials.
  4. For the setting Autoclose or Autocapture, it is recommended that you select Autoclose + Autocapture. This setting allows you to specify an AutoCapture Time. Up until the AutoCapture Time, payments and tips can be manually adjusted in Restaurant Manager or in Restaurant POS via the Orders List. After the AutoCapture Time, payments will no longer be editable in Restaurant POS or Restaurant Manager. Shortly after the AutoCapture Time, the batch will Autoclose, meaning the payments will be archived in Lightspeed Restaurant. However, in order for funds to be deposited into your account, you must arrange an auto-close time with your payment processor.

    Note: If you would prefer to manually capture and close your batch, see Manually capturing and closing batch payments.
  5. For the Mode, it is recommended that you select Preauth-capture. Note that if you select Sale, you will not be able to adjust tips or paid amounts after they are processed.
  6. Click OK to save and exit.


3. Connect the terminal to the network and get the IP address

The Verifone e285 Genius payment terminal is connected to your network via WiFi. You will need the IP address of your Genius device in order to configure it with Lightspeed Restaurant.

The e285 can connect to your local network via wifi. To do so:

    1.  From the home screen, press 1, 5, and 9 on the keypad at the same time.
    2. Tap supervisor.
    3.  Enter the default password: 1166832.
    4.  Press enter.
    5. Tap Administration > Communications.
    6. Tap WiFi > WiFi Scan. If your Genius e285’s WiFi is turned off, the e285 prompts you to turn on its WiFi.
    7. Tap the network you want to connect your Genius e285 to. If successful, your device notifies you that it has saved the network. If unsuccessful, check that you are within range of your router.
    8. Tap OK and then press the cancel button.
    9. Tap WiFi configuration.
    10. In the PSK field, enter your password using the number pad. Press the key associated with the letter you want to enter repeatedly until the desired letter is displayed.
      To switch between letters, numbers, and special characters, press the # button to cycle through "input modes." The current mode will show on the screen top left corner.
      • 123: This mode enters numbers when you hit the keys 
      • abc: This mode enters lower case letters (and 0 enters special characters. Pressing 0 multiple times cycles through the special character options such as - / \ + # ! and .Note: this is how you add spaces as well.
      • ABC: This mode enters upper case characters (0 does nothing)
    11. Press Enter to save the network password.
    12. Press Cancel to return to the WiFi menu.
    13. Continue to press the cancel button until you have returned to the main menu, then scroll to the bottom of the menu and tap run applications to launch the terminal's software.

4. Add the Verifone e285 Genius in Restaurant Manager

Add the device as a Payment Terminal in Restaurant Manager:

  1. In Restaurant Manager, click Payments > Payment Terminals
  2. Click Add Genius.
  3. Enter a Label and a Description for your Genius device. For example, "Genius 1". 
  4. Enter the IP address of the Genius terminal.

Create a Payment Type for the Genius in Restaurant Manager:

  1. In Restaurant Manager, click Payments > Payment Types.
  2. Click Add Payment.
  3. Enter a Name and Description as you want it to appear in Restaurant POS.
  4. From the Type drop-down menu, select Cayan Genius.
  5. Click OK to save and exit.

5. Enable tipping on the terminal

The usual payments flow for the Genius terminal includes processing transactions where a tip is manually added after payment (for instance, in many table service environments). If you would prefer the Genius to prompt users for a tip during a transaction, you will need to contact Cayan Support so they can activate tipping on the device. Make sure to have the serial number of at least one of your terminals on hand so Cayan can push this feature to your devices.

What's Next?

All set! Make sure to clear your cache in Restaurant POS and start processing payments!

See Taking payments and tips for a general overview of processing transactions in Lightspeed Restaurant.

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