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Shift report

Generate a summarized revenue report for all users based on the date and shift selected. Please note that Shift Reports are available only within the Restaurant Manager. 


To access Shift Reports 

  1. Shifts must be first enabled in Settings > Report Settings in order to access the Shift Report. For more information on adding shifts within Report Settings, please see Report Settings
  2. Once enabled, access the Shift Report page by navigating to Reports > Shift Reports.

To generate the Shift Report

  1. Click the date at the top-right corner of the screen. A calendar pop-up box will appear.


  2. Select the date of the desired Shift Report within the calendar and then click Ok. The calendar pop-up will close.
  3. Once your date has been chosen, click the button Create Shift Report beside the applicable shift type within the Shift Reports page. A PDF file of the selected Shift Report will auto-save to your device. 

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