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Onboarding timeline

Proper planning is a vital step in ensuring your success with Lightspeed Restaurant. The following list acts as a recommended timeline in planning your Lightspeed Restaurant go-live date. 



✔️ Set a go-live date

Set a deadline for going live with the software 


✔️ Attend your Lightspeed Restaurant Manager onboarding session

Contact the Customer Success team for more info


✔️ Configure your menu 

5-10 days prior to your go-live date


✔️ Attend your Lightspeed Restaurant POS onboarding session

2-5 days prior to your go-live date


✔️Connect your hardware

2+ days prior to your go-live date

✔️ Practice run with staff 

3+ days prior to your go-live date


✔️ Go live with Lightspeed Restaurant 

 Start using the POS at your business. Congrats!



Next steps

Download or print the onboarding timeline PDF


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