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Push notifications

The Push section of Loyalty Manager allows you to create and send push notifications to customers. You can send ten push notifications per month, globally. If you require more push notifications, contact Lightspeed Support.

Note: Push notifications are only available in the Premium + app package.

Sending a push notification

To send a new push notification:

  1. In Loyalty Manager, click Push notifications Send push notification.
  2. Enter the message into the text field.
  3. To limit the push notification to specific groups, enter them in the Groups text field.


Consult the Status section to the right of the push message to see how many notifications you've sent and how many you have left for the month.

Push history

Consult the Push history to see a record of push notifications you have sent. Use the search bar to locate specific notifications.

The Push history record includes the following information:

  • Push message: the content of the notification.
  • Recipients: the recipients of the notification. If the notification was not limited to specific groups, the recipients will be All.
  • Sent: The number of people the notification was sent to.
  • Date sent: the date the notification was sent.


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